Thailand Lottery Result 1-4-2023 Today Thai Lottery Result

Today Thai Lottery Result 1-04-2023 and also check here Thai Lottery Tips 1st April 2566. Thailand Lottery Results will be announced today at 12:15 PM on April 1, 2023, according to the national time zone of Arabia saudi. The Thai Lotto / National Lottery Live Draw will start from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. Here we present you the full details of the GLO Thailand lottery. Thai Lotto, often known as the Thailand Lottery, is one of only two legalized forms of gambling in Thailand, the other being horse racing in Bangkok.

Thai Lottery 3up Tips, Magazine Tips, First Papers, 2 Digits Tips & Thai Lottery Result 1-04-2023

Thailand Lottery Result 1 April 2023

The Thailand Lottery draw takes place on the first and sixteenth of every month. The Thai government lottery was played by around 19.2 million Thais, who spent 76 billion baht ($2.3 billion). The Thai lottery technique is so simple that any Thai lottery player can just get correct and rated numbers for the next draw and the lucky number.

The monthly Thai Lotto draw attracts a large number of applicants from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Thailand, India, Qatar, and other countries. Today Thailand Lottery 1 April 2023 results will be available on very soon.

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Thai Lottery VIP Predictions with Guaranteed Numbers April 1, 2023

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Thailand Lottery Economic History

Until October 2015, lottery tickets were bought and sold in a multi-level market. The GLO distributed lottery tickets to nationwide wholesalers often referred to as “brokers”, who then sold them to the nation’s 14,760 registered retailers.

The government established a new paradigm for selling lottery tickets in September 2015. Direct purchases are only possible through the Krung Thai Bank. According to the results, 22.74 million, or 30.7% of the 74 million lottery tickets printed for the bi-weekly lottery were donated to ten organizations.

The GLO Foundation is the most generous, with a fixed endowment of 9,213,500 tickets. The GLO Board of Directors changed the lottery’s prize structure in May 2015, allocating 60% of GLO’s revenue to cash prizes. Retailers will receive a quota of five lottery ticket books for 70.40 baht each.

There are two types of lottery tickets in Thailand

The Thai Government Lottery (TGL) ticket comes first. The second is printed in the upper left corner of each ticket and is called the Thai Charity Lottery. TGL tickets are taxed at 0.5% and contain a first prize of six million baht and a bonus prize of thirty million*. After August 1, 2015, the military government will eliminate the incentive bonus. TCL tickets are taxed at 1% and contain a first prize of three million baht and a bonus reward of 22 million*.

Thai Lottery Draw Methodology

The Thai Government Lottery GLO draw is held at GLO headquarters on the first and sixteenth of every month. On the day of the draw, the draws are televised from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Ten “guests” from outside the lottery attend each draw to serve as official witnesses.

Thailand Lottery Prizes Information

01 1st (First) Total One Prize 6,000,000/- Baht
02 2nd (Second) Total Five Prizes 2,00,000/- Baht
03 3rd (Third) Total 10 Prizes 80,000/- Baht
04 4th (Fourth) Total 50 Prizes 40,000/- Baht
05 5th (Fifith) Total 100 Prizes 20,000/- Baht
06 Winners of the Side Prize and the First Place Prize Total 2 Prizes 100,000/- Baht
07 Three Page Numbers Total 2 Prizes 4000/- Baht
08 Last 3 Digits Total Twwo Prizes 4000/- Baht
09 Last 2 Digits Total One Prize 2000/- Baht

Thailand Lottery 2021 declares Prize Money

To Claim the Prize Please Bring the Following Eighth Documents. The list is given below.
  • Winning Lottery Ticket With Your Signature On the Back Of Lottery Ticket
  • Your Valid Identification Card.
  • Prize Claiming Duration
  • Five Minutes: General Inquiry
  • Fifteen Minutes: Claiming Prizes ( Not More than Ten Tickets )
  • Thirty Minutes: Claiming the 1st Prize ( For One Ticket ),
  • Forty-Eight Minutes: Claiming Prizes ( Not More than 1 thousand Tickets)
  • Two Hours: Claiming Prizes ( Not More than 2500 Tickets)

Most Important Note for Thai Ticket Holders

Important Reminder for Thai Ticket Holders: Your prize must be claimed within two years of the draw. If it is overdue, the state will receive the funds.
Lottery resellers pay out cash prizes of 20,000 baht in addition to a 1 or 2 percent cut of the total amount won.

For rewards greater than 20,000 baht, the winning ticket and its owner must be present in person at the Nonthaburi government lottery office, where a check will be issued.

Time Limit for Claiming Thai Lottery Prizes

The winner has ten years from the drawing date to redeem the reward. If it is already too late. It will be paid to the state as taxation.

The Thai Government’s Tax Rates 1. After discussing the Thai lottery briefly, it’s crucial to know that prize winners must pay withholding tax. The Thai Government Lotto pays 0.50% and the Thai Charity Lottery pays 1%. The Thai government wants to know more about the money and how it will be distributed.

How to Check Thai Lottery Results:

Greetings, To check Thai Lottery Result Today, first scroll up and look for the Thai Lottery Today Result Section. Thank you. If you have any difficulty obtaining the Thai Lottery Result, please leave a comment in the box below.

How to Win the Thai Lotto

You should be aware of the Thai lottery before purchasing a ticket. If you’re new to the lottery and want to invest your money, I recommend learning the tips and tactics for winning and playing a huge game. The best thing to do is learn the entire opening and then perform it.