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Google CS First Online Cyber Security Courses in Pakistan Latest News

Google has announced that it will teach CS (Cyber Security Courses) to students in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, in a first for the country. These digital courses’ only purpose is to educate and test students’ “Applied Coding Skills” through game design.

Google has begun tutoring youngsters aged nine to fourteen. The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and Google’s regional head for South Asia staged a launch ceremony for their respective Coding skills programs on Wednesday.

Google CS First was formally introduced in Pakistan with speeches by Farhan S Qureshi, Google South Asia’s head, Syed Aminul Haque, Pakistan’s minister of information technology, and Shoib Ahamad Siddique, Pakistan’s minister of information technology.

It was revealed during the occasion that this program will initially involve up to 13 Telecom Foundation Schools around the country. Google’s Crime Security programs in Pakistan will be organized and supported by Virtual University, making them the first of their type in the nation (VU). This group of students launched Google Computer Science, a free online computer science course, to assist young individuals with initiative and skill in developing their own projects (CS).

Google CS First Online Cyber Security Courses in Pakistan Latest News

Google’s new Computer Science First Program is unveiled by Pakistan’s Federal Minister of Information Technology.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology created the Digital Literacy Project for students in grades nine through fourteen. According to the Federal Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, millions of students would be assisted in virtually enrolling in this Google CS Course.

This is one of the open and free online courses provided by the government of Pakistan. Students aged 9 to 14 in Pakistan were the first to benefit from the Google Computer Science (CS) Program, which distributed Google Computer Science courses throughout the country. This program’s content comprises computer science-related videos. The actions below will make it better for individuals of all ages and students of both sexes.

Online Cyber Security Degree Program

Google has stated that one of the key reasons they are delivering Google Courses for free is to teach students in Pakistan the value of digital skills and online courses.

Google created the first free course titled Computer Science course using the (Block-Based) coding tool scratch. Google has stated that this pilot course is being used by thousands of instructors and students in 75 countries. The Google CS effort was announced by a federal government IT officer.

The Ministry of Information Technology recognizes this program as a free education made available by VU. All Pakitan schoolchildren between the ages of 9 and 14 are eligible for free, fully certified online Cyber Security degrees.

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