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Nadra Rahbar App 2022 launched by Nadra

The Islamabad Nadra Authority has delivered a new service to the people of Pakistan with the launching of the Nadra Rahbar App on the Google Play Store. Users can use this app to find the National Database and Registration Authority office closest to them.

Nadra Chairman Tariq Malik introduced the Nadra Rahbar App in Islamabad on October 19, 2022. The authority is making your future much easier by placing all of this office’s resources at your fingertips. Keep in mind that the authorities developed the Nadra Bike 1777 Helpline service in this regard a few months ago.

Nadra Rahbar App 2022 launched by Nadra

The App’s Nadra Rahbar Centers’ Features and Location

Tariq, Nadra’s chairman, told visitors during the formal launch of the Nadra Rahbar App, which helps locals make their way to Nadra’s branch and district offices, on October 19, 2022. You may also check how many individuals are still waiting for their applications to be processed and the distance traveled every kilometer.

The program does not require registration and delivers you directly to the main menu without prompting you for any personal information. It allows you to search for NADRA centers in your area and then presents a list of them. For further information, see any of the following resources.

Tariq Malik made the claim in a message posted on Twitter on October 19th, 2022. The Nadra Rahbar Software, a new mobile software aimed to serve the public welfare, has been published by Nadra Pakistan. The Public Information Base and Enrollment Authority (NADRA) has made it much simpler to discover the nearest and quickest handling community with the publication of Rahbar.

This will not only show you where all of the NADRA centers are, but it will also allow you to do a lot more with just a few taps. You may acquire the Nadra Rahbar app right now from the Google Play store.

Nadra Rahbar App Download Here

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