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PDMA Emergency Helpline No for Smog Monitoring Cell in Punjab

The Punjab Provincial Disaster Management Authority has recently made the Smog Monitoring Cell Helpline Number available. Everyone in Pakistan is urged to refrain from starting fires in fields, vehicles, factories, and brick ovens, which contribute to air pollution.

To file a smog complaint, call the PDMA Smog Monitoring Cell’s toll-free hotline. Due to the prevalence of air pollution in the region, the Punjabi government has declared that “smog is a tragedy.” The Punjab National Calamity (Prevention and Relief) Act of 1958 places a high value on each individual’s life. Take these precautions to avoid smog.

PDMA Emergency Helpline No for Smog Monitoring Cell in Punjab

If You Need It, Call the Precautions Monitoring Cell Helpline!
Take precautions because smog poses serious health risks.
Before going outside, you should probably put on a mask.
Please wear glasses to protect your eyes.
Hand and eye washing must be done several times.
Close the office door and close the shutters.
Run an air cleaner to clean the air.
Minors and the elderly should remain indoors.
If you have any illness symptoms, such as a fever, cough, or cold, you should see a doctor.
According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, smog is just as dangerous as it was last year. If the smog reduction directives are not followed, strict action, such as filing a police report, paying a fine, or even jail time, will be taken against violators.

If you see anyone disobeying our instructions, please call the PDMA Smog Monitoring Cell Helpline at 1129. It should be noted that a pollution monitoring unit has been established in the facilities of the Punjab Provincial Disaster Management Authority.

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