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Road Prince 70 Latest Price In Pakistan 2023 HD Pics and Complete Information

Road Prince CD 70 2023 Price In Pakistan, Today’s article will provide detailed information on the Road Prince 70 2023 Bike in Pakistan. Road prince CD 79 2023 model pricing in Pakistan, adjustments done to it, and new features introduced to Road Prince 2023 Model Today’s post covers the Road Prince 70 2030 model engine, performance, speed, style, design, pricing, locks, tyres, and forms. Don’t worry, we’ll fill this post with useful information for you.

Except for the decals, the new Road Prince doesn’t feel all that different. However, the intended audience is unconcerned. Yes! Some folks desire all of the smart enhancements outlined above. However, this portion might be too small.

We can only hope that Pakistani motorbike producers will one day export their products to other countries.

Road Prince 70 2023 > Engine > Speed > Performance Detail

Soon after Atlas Honda introduced its new CD-70 model, Eiffel Industries produced the Road Prince 70 2023 (Passion RP 70cc) model with a new decal.
The Road Prince 70 2023, on the other hand, doesn’t provide anything new, as is always the case with these motorcycles, as these businesses present new decals while keeping everything else the same.

The Road Prince CD 70 2023 remains a price-competitive alternative in Pakistan since it is substantially less expensive than the Honda CD 70 2023 and also offers easy maintenance, which is one of the buyer’s worries at the time of purchase. Motorbike. Fore more updates visits our webpage ApkFlu.Com

Road Prince 70 Latest Price In Pakistan 2023 HD Pics and Complete Information

RP 70 Complete Information

Full length 1930 mm
Overall Width 790mm
Overall Height 1190 mm
Wheelbase 1235 mm
Fuel consumption 65 km/l
Fuel tank capacity 9.5 liters
Lubricating oil capacity 0.9 liters
Battery 12 V, 3.5 A
Brake (front/rear) Drum type
Transmission Four (Forward)
Dry weight 80 kg
Grab wet multiple
Beginning Fast start
Frame Trunk type
Maximum. Speed 80 km/h
Drive system Chain
stands Both racks
Lighthouse Beam type 25/25
rear light Red color 6W
turn signal Yellow 10 W
Stop signal Red color 21 W
Side reflector left/right 1196 mm2
engine’s type 4 stroke
Engine volume 78 cc

The Road Prince 70 2023 is priced at Rs.81,500 in Pakistan. I did not raise the price of the 2023 model this time, and the price of the 2020 road prince bike was the same as the previous year’s bike. Poor people in Pakistan are suffering as a result of the country’s present economic situation.

Road Prince 70 2023 Bike is one of the excellent solutions for individuals with the increase in Honda Bike Price In Pakistan. The Road Prince 70 2023 is a fantastic choice for folks who can afford low monthly payments. Those that drink more are able to achieve their daily requirements. As a result, the Road Prince 70 2023 Price In Pakistan remains the same as the previous year. The price in Pakistan of  Road Prince 70, 2023 is Rs.81500/-

Road Prince 70 2023 Model Latest HD Pictures 

There appears to be no change in the general design of the 2023 Road Prince Passion 70. But hold on! Something has altered! What do you think? More stickers, please! Yes! The stickers have been updated by the manufacturer.

As a result, Road Prince, like other bike manufacturers in Pakistan, follows tradition.

Let’s talk about the specs and features of the new Road Prince 70 since we don’t have much to say about it. Is there a perceptible difference or is it simply a sticker change? Let us investigate.

In Pakistan, the Road Prince 70 2023 model was introduced.

Bike manufacturers are unveiling their 2023 motorbike models one by one. The Honda CG 125 was the first to be released. The Road Prince 2023 CD 70 has now been released in Pakistan.

Since this is a “2023” model, the manufacturer may have included some new features, but the shape, function, and performance are nearly identical to the 2022 model.

The new Road Prince Passion 70 may have several features that customers have requested.

  • Digital counter
  • Gear indicator
  • Reshaped fuel tank
  • The best place
  • Improved dampers
  • Upgraded exhaust
  • Redesigned headlights and taillights

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