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RTS Laptop Scheme 2022 Registration Form, Criteria and Information

RTS Laptop Scheme Eligibility Criteria for 2022
Pakistan’s government has stated that it will provide free laptop computers to students. We’ve listed who is and isn’t eligible for the RTS laptop scheme in 2022 below. As part of this plan, government officials have decided to establish a laptop manufacturing facility in the country. The government has set aside approximately 4 billion Pakistani rupees ($170 million) to fund the PM Laptop Scheme.

However, the PM Laptop programme will now be implemented on a national scale. As part of the announced plan to give away one million devices, those bright kids enrolled in universities and colleges across the country would each receive a laptop computer every year.

The RTS laptop scheme was announced by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. The Rational Testing Service launched six programmes aimed at young people in its final message.

Internships, business loans, the youth skill development plan, and scholarships are all examples of programmes that assist unemployed young people.

People in Pakistan, particularly young people, have praised the government’s efforts, but they have also warned that the process must be fair and transparent.

The laptop assembly plant will be built in Sunder Industrial Estate. South Korean, Taiwanese, and Chinese computer hardware manufacturers have expressed interest in investing in this venture.

All RTS Laptop Youth Scheme applicants must watch a video tutorial on how to fill out the program’s online application form. Each student must meet specific requirements in order to participate in the RTS laptop plan 2022 and receive a laptop.

There has been no formal statement of the RTS laptop scheme’s eligibility requirements as of yet, but it is expected that the criteria will be very similar to those of the Punjab government’s laptop scheme.

The federal government has charged the Higher Education Commission (HEC) with developing a strategy for implementing the RTS laptop scheme in 2022 and determining who is eligible to participate.

RTS Laptop Program Eligibility Requirements in 2022
Undergraduates enrolled in a government institution approved by the Higher Education Commission are eligible to participate in the programme (HEC). Students must have received at least a 60% on their most recent yearly exam or a 70% on their most recent semester exam.

If you’re interested in the RTS laptop scheme 2022, we’ll post the most recent information and eligibility requirements as soon as we get them. Read the online text at the link below for more information on the RTS Laptop Youth Scheme 2022 Eligibility Criteria and the programme prerequisites.

Serial No Qualification Enrolment After Duration Time
1 FA/ FSc (Only for FATA and ICT regions) 30-Jun-15 2 Years
2 ​BA/ BSc (Only for FATA and ICT regions)
3 Diploma of Associate Engineering 30-Jun-14 3 Years
4 Bachelors June 30, 2013/ June 30, 2012 4/ 5 years
5 Masters
(16-year education)
30-Jun-15 2 years
6 MBA 1.5/ 2.5/ 3.5 Dec. 31, 2015/ Dec. 31, 2014/ Dec. 31, 2013 1.5/ 2.5/ 3.5 years
7 MS & Mphil 30-Jun-15 2 years
8 P.h.D 30-Jun-12 5 years

RTS Laptop Scheme 2022 Registration Form, Criteria and Information

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